Valiant is a Michigan-based wedding and event service, providing all-rental attire and decor, both for themed events and conventional "white" weddings, including wedding gowns.  We operate under the premise that a dream wedding or event shouldn't break anyone's budget, and you'll be surprised how much you can get for very little.

We are professionals in staging elegant events, not a party store. Our experienced event specialist/consultant will attend your event and see through every detail Valiant provides, and check on all other details to be sure you have a lovely and stress-free day. We have 11 years' experience, as you can see from the photos of our real weddings and events, and we've never had a failure.

Your wedding or event will be designed individually to suit your wishes, your location, your visions, your family history, or just your idea of fun. We bring everything you need from us and take everything away; we do all the set-up of our decor. You just enjoy.

Call us, and let's see how Valiant can build the event of your dreams without draining your wallet.

If you have further questions about Valiant, please call:
Diane Carey, Pageant Specialist

Meetings by appointment only.

This is a family phone. We answer with "Hello". Call persistently if you are unable to leave a message. Don't give up!
We serve Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and eastern Ontario.

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